Does this belong to you?
Does this belong to you?
Does this change things?
Does this fascinating narrative have a direction?
Does this give you all the protection and security you need?
Does this have anything to do with Bain Madox’s insane plan to become Emperor of North America, or whatever the hell he’s up to?
Does this informant have a name that you’d care to share with the team?
Does this look like our Victoria to you?
Does this mean anything?
Does this mean that not only did Lady Reiko kill Lord Mori, but Chamberlain Sano is plotting to take over the country from me?
Does this mean we have a deal?
Does this mean you don’t want to hear any more?
Does this mean you won’t help me get Jiro back?
Does this place have heat and electricity?
Does this please you, my darling?
Does this right-wing group have any Iraqi or UBL connections?
Does this seem strange to you?
Does this zipper still work?
Does what I’ve told you I think about you seem stupid?
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