Does he have a car?

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Does he have a car?
Does he have a good heart?
Does he have a record?
Does he have affairs?
Does he have dark, wavy hair?
Does he know that you guys think that’s what I am?
Does he know what’s up there?
Does he know?
Does he mean it?
Does he represent a farmer, or a warrior?
Does he sit in the corner with his big glass?
Does he still care for you or did Rock Island make him forget?
Does he still have houseguests?
Does he tell you anyway?
Does he write regularly?
Does it actually function?
Does it bother you to kill people?
Does it come in other colors?
Does it even matter?
Does it fit in with what you know about them?
Does it generally happen at the same time of day?
Does it give you a pain?
Does it have meat?
Does it have other applications?
Does it have the source code on it?
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