Вспомогатmeльный глагол - does

Используется в вопросах о третьем лице:

Where does he live?
Where does it go?
Where does it hurt?
Where does it stop?
Where does one look for a good priest?
Where does that go?
Where does that leave us?
Where does the perfumed sleeve fit into this?
Where does your ex-wife live?
Does anybody hate you?
Does anybody know anything about the law?
Does anyone come with her?
Does anyone go to Florence to study anything else?
Does anyone have any evidence to the contrary?
Does anyone know anything new?
Does anyone know how many people used to live in this city?
Does anyone know who he was?
Does anyone want a can of coke?
Does do you have to look at every year?
Does he come often to do home repairs?
Does he even have any material?
Does he ever say it's wonderful?
Does he hate his mother or something?
Does he have a car?
Does he have a good heart?
Does he have a record?
Does he have affairs?

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