I work full-time in a hospital.

Предлог in указывает на место в широком смысле ( в Лондоне, в полях ) и о времени в протяженном смысле ( в феврале, в этом году), а также о нахождении например внутри здания (следует говорить work on a farm, но work in a factory).

Значение многих глаголов меняется в зависимости от того предлога, который стоит после них.

In case the kids said something when you called on Sunday.
He was seated on a chair in the middle of the room.
Made his name in the winter fighting on the Eastern Front.
Mystic designs in other colors were painted on their arms.
On Friday night you said she was in a coma for five years.
He twisted in midair and landed on both feet like a cat.
I ground my teeth on my anger and cursed Sam in silence.
I pulled up as though chinning on a sill and swung a leg in.
She forced herself to concentrate on the ice in front of her.
The rescue force would arrive on site in another ten minutes.
An iron pot steamed on a hook over the fire in an open hearth.
I want to know every step Dorsey took on the days in question.
It happened in a blur of speed and there he was on the carpet.
Katie's jacket on a hook in the foyer.
I work full-time in a hospital.
Her hair was in one dark pigtail high on the crown of her head.
I prescribe herbs based on your life and your problems in life.

What in the name of God is going on here?

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