He pointed at the empty.

Gap sat back and looked across the room at the picture on the wall .
Гэп сел на место и посмотрел через всю комнату на картину на стене.

Предлог at обозначает указание конкретного места, как точки указания.

You were at his house.
He stared at the list.
I nodded at the image.
Lorna stared at the kate.
She stares at the ceiling.
at the hospital
She gestured at me.
He picked at a stray.
He pointed at characters.
He pointed at the empty.
a spot at eye level.
He stopped at the boys.
I hold on at his day.
I looked at Bret .
He blinked at me.
my phone at my desk.
She scowled down at herself.
She pointed at the bed.
she tugged at the zipper.
Michael smiled at the envelope.
But look at these depressions.
on that at this time.
phone still at her ear.
Kate sat at his desk.

Также предлог at может обозначать время:

We will be back at 6 p.m. Мы вернемся в 6 вечера.

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