In North America on the East Coast.

Предлог on следует использовать, говоря о положении предмета в пространстве, когда этот самый предмет соприкасается с плоской поверхностью (on the celling; on the wall; on the floor, etc.).
Либо, когда мы воспринимаем это самое пространство в качестве прямой, например, когда говорим о реке или о дороге.

She washed on in silence.
Sorry I barged in on you.
What’s going on in there?
Go on in and check it out.
She pays on time,
What in the hell is going on?
Dead in bed with the light on.
He was on me again in a flash.
I started in on the last tale.
In North America on the East Coast.
On Monday.
I thought I’d check in on her.
Her mind was on other things in store.
I’d taken in Mexico on the beach.
She looked good in her photo on Match.
She'll want to be in on the final act.
The man who had attacked Sam was on his side.

his usual style was to climb on top and put it in.
The dart that she had shot on the sea ice now lay in front of her.

предлог on употребляется, когда говорят о передвижениях автобусом, поездом, самолетом.

о передвижении такси либо автомобилем, используйте предлог in

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