Is he boring you?
Is he actually being invited ?
Is he boring you?
Is he calling at a bad time?
Is he crazy?
Is he cut off from the world?
Is he doing that?
Is he dreaming again?
Is he freaking insane?
Is he going to have to do another one of those shibboleth tests?
Is he hurting you?
Is he in danger this second?
Is he in the clear on this?
Is he in trouble?
Is he in?
Is he making too much noise?
Is he not right?
Is he one of those people looking to exploit your vulnerability?
Is he out of pepper spray range?
Is he rattling?
Is he reaching you at a convenient time?
Is he ready?
Is he right in believing that you are not familiar with the apiarist's art?
Is he right?
Is he ruining your perfectly naive concept of the world?
Is he some sort of pointless prick she thinks she can push around?
Is he still in Bad Dogys?
Is he supposed to tell them to go to hell so that they take it out on my aunts and uncles?
Is he telling YOU to live like a pig?
Is he that different?
Is he that easy to read?
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