He might have changed his name
Повторить все предложения в виде вопросов ( сделать все предложения вопросительными вслух). сделать все предложения отрицательными вслух.

You might as well do it. - Ты мог тоже сделать это.
            (as well -тоже, также.)

При вероятности совершения действия меньше и сомнениях в том, что оно произойдёт, употребляется форма might, а не may.

He might have broken his arms or legs.
He might have caught him had he stayed outside.
He might have changed his name.
He might have ducked down an alleyway.
He might have gone out back.
He might have just decided to spend the day with his army cronies or play golf or something.
He might have looked like a clown except for the gun in his waistband.
He might have met Sam then.
He might have said more but Sam came and set out tea for us.
He might have something in his kit to speed her up.
He might have something to eat.
He might have taken those odds if the only chips he was playing were his.
He might have thought it just ate whoever it wanted but hadn’t yet attacked him for some reason.
He might have used your name or your information on certain documents.
He might kill the witness.
He might not even want kids.
He might not have allowed himself to notice it—most people didn’t.
He might spend whole days painting over the same eyes or searching for just the right shade of wool yarn.
He might still be assassinating people.
He might still be sleeping.
I might as well be dead!
I might as well be.
I might as well face it.
I might as well finish.
I might as well get my moneys worth out of the gym time.
I might as well get some fun out of annoying them.
I might as well get some things done.
I might as well get used to being a passenger.
I might as well go to the morgue before the day got too much further advanced.
I might as well have been the invisible man.
I might as well make some show of doing what I said I had come for.
I might as well spend it now.

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