You look a little tired yourself.

You can do it yourself. – Ты можешь сделать это самостоятельно.

(ты в состоянии это сделать)

Take care of yourself.
Talk to my other clients and you’ll convince yourself.
Tell me about your home there…about yourself.
Tell me something about yourself.
The position refers to how you see yourself.
Then you must take better care of yourself.
Then you’ll tell them yourself.
To make you face yourself.
What have you to say for yourself?
Who can that be but yourself?
Why didn’t you go yourself?
Why don’t you excuse yourself?
Why don’t you find out for yourself?
You also feel pain for yourself.
You are beside yourself!
You are not yourself.
You are of my charge—a warrior—but you shall have to choose your course yourself.
You aren’t badly off yourself.
You brought them all on yourself.
You can probably piss him off all by yourself.
You can see for yourself.
You can stop hiding from yourself.
You could do it yourself.
You don’t like it in yourself?
You interested in photography yourself?
You live within yourself.
You look a bit sick and twisted yourself.
You look a little tired yourself.
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