might you bring me a present?
Проговорить вслух все предложения . Повторить все предложения в виде утверждений . Сделать все предложения отрицательными вслух.
Might Anya have invented these paintings?
Might I encounter trouble collecting it?
Might I have seen you in anything?
Might he have been making a jest with Lestrade?
Might the couple be foolish enough to reveal the truth about the murder while never suspecting that she was a spy?
Might you bring me a present?
He might as well finish the investigation.
He might be Eve’s boyfriend.
He might be a district commissioner or a high court judge.
He might be a little slow on languages and fieldwork but in the game of office politics he was seeded number one.
He might be a stranger they encountered in the streets.
He might be able to come at first light.
He might be able to help me.
He might be able to throw some light on this.
He might be anywhere.
He might be hiding with one of them.
He might be quick to suspect and retaliate.
He might be stuck with her furry company for a while longer.
He might be willing to pay you a fee for the information.
He might die before he could stop the Ghost’s reign of terror and fulfill his duty.
He might even experience that greatest luxury of not noticing himself at all.
He might even have been killed.
He might even have known about the VAVAK minders.
He might even learn to pronounce both my first and last names correctly.
He might have been caught.
He might have been deaf.
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