May I have this?
Проговорить вслух все предложения . Повторить все предложения в виде утверждений . Сделать все предложения отрицательными вслух.
May I come inside?
May I go even further?
May I go to the pool for a swim?
May I have it removed?
May I have the phone numbers of those friends and family members?
May I have this dance?
May I have this?
May I have your fax number?
May I help you gentlemen?
May I help you with something?
May I help you?
May I inquire what this is about?
May I investigate Enju and Lady Mori tomorrow?
May I lead you to a window?
May I look around your room?
May I look over your books some Sunday evening when you are at leisure?
May I offer you a cigarette?
May I offer you a cocktail?
May I offer you a drink?
May I offer you both some refreshments?
May I offer you refreshments?
May I offer you some refreshments?
May I put your briefcase in the coatroom?
May I see the clothes she wore?
May I see the desk?
May I see your pretty socks?
May I serve you and your friends a drink?
May I serve you?
May I show you my kitchen?
May I sit down?
May I sit next to you?
May I speak to you alone?
May I speak with my client?
May I step inside?
May I take a message?
May I take your coats?
May I tell my wife’s side of the story?
May I turn off the one overhead?
May we speak to you in private?
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