May I be of assistance?

May I come in? – Можно войти?

Вероятность совершения действия, обозначаемая различными модальными глаголами, отличается. Меньшая степень вероятности обозначается глаголом may (might), а большая — глаголом must.

May I ask how Sam died?
May I ask how you became a hinin?
May I ask how you learned about it?
May I ask what is the meaning of this?
May I ask what kind of drugs?
May I ask what this is about?
May I ask what you want to say that can’t be said in town?
May I ask what’s going on?
May I ask where you’re going next?
May I ask who these men are?
May I ask why not?
May I ask why we’ve been kept here?
May I ask why you have so many security people here?
May I ask why you’ve come?
May I ask… what made you choose to grant me the privilege of serving as your chamberlain?
May I assume that Yugao was no more cooperative today than before?
May I assume that you will do as my husband wishes?
May I be of assistance?
May I be of service to you?
May I call Tom Walsh now?
May I call you ?
May I call you Kate?
May I call you my friends?
May I call you if I have any additional questions?
May I close the doors?
May I come in?
упржнение: вслух сделать все предложения утведительными.

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