Should I call a doctor?

Should I go to the doctor? – Мне следовало бы пойти к врачу?

Should - настойчивый совет совершить какое-либо действие и соответствует в русском языке глаголам «следует», или «следовало бы»: Вам следует (следовало бы) пойти к врачу.

Should I call a doctor?

Should I call the cops?
Should I call you or will you call me?
Should I have done?
Should I have let him get away to kill those other people?
Should I have?
Should I just jump the gate?
Should I know her?
Should I let the polar bears be stillborn?
Should I mail it to you?
Should she be scared?
Should she call Sam?
Should she go on in or…or what?
Should she have come out of that so soon?
Should she phone?
Should she slip out again?
Should she talk to Tom?
Should she tell Nick the story of spearheading the campaign to have it torn down?
Should she tell Kate about Sam?
Should she wait for Kate to call her?
Should the public assume you’ve placed less significance on the murders of these men because they were accused criminals?
Should we call Tom?
Should we eat in there?
Should we go door to door?
Should we have?
Should we meet somewhere?
Should we put her in one of those or something?
Should we try and get some coffee into him?

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