That may not be soon.
Упражнение: проговорите вслух предложения, снова проговорите вслух, сделав их утвердительными.

You may not use this information. – Вам не разрешено использовать эту информацию.

Таким образом may -это допустимость совершения действия: may + инфинитив смыслового глагола (всегда без частицы to).

I may not be able to go very far before I run into an obstacle or the bit of time just breaks off.
I may not be perfect.
I may not want to trade them right away.
That may not be as healthy as you think.
That may not be easy to prove in a court of law.
That may not be soon.
You may not talk to her. .
You may not know it.
You may not see it until after you have had some hard times.
He may not be alone .
It may not be one of the victims he’s already avenged.
It may not be true that this man Sam is the worker.
she may not be falling into dissolute ways.
she may not dry out.
It may not be true.
It may not have been a woman.
It may not have been the victim .
It may not have been true.
Problem may not be solvable.

упржнение: вслух сделать все предложения вопросительными.
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