She has to go back to work.
She has to do is fill inside the frames.
She has to go back to work.
She has to grip the rail of the platform with both hands in order to remain upright.
She has to kiss him as a reward!
She has to leave.
She has to save them from him.
She has to say about the ceremony seemed real enough.
She has to say before you convict Sam.
She has to say.
She has to take it home.
She has to use the toilet.
That has to be good enough for now.
That has to be his official position.
There has to be a connection.
There has to be a reason.
There has to be.
This has to do with Sam.
who has to do something awful to keep what he loves safe.
who has to get a horse on and offstage without a mishap will assure you.
Проговорите вслух предложения, выскажите их как отрицательные.
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