must- должен, так как это мой долг;
should - должен, как совет или пожелание;
have to - должен, вынужден, мне приходится это делать.

I must help my husband find out who killed Sam.
I must help you and Kate or I shall be a bad man.
I must help her friends.
I should help myself.
It should help push back the organ.
That should help clear my wife.
She should help convince them.
That should help you.
They should help a plucky little woman who apparently had only a shiftless husband to support her.
You should help me.
Существительное всегда имеет какой-то определитель :

my, his, her, this, that, a, the ... в русском языке этого не требуется.
I have to accommodate my men.
I have to add “before”.
I have to agree.
I have to approach this with an open mind.
I have to ask the vampire to enter my home.
I have to ask you something stupid.
I have to ask you to notify the FBI in New York if you plan to leave the country.
I have to bear some measure of guilt.
I have to believe there is a pattern,
I have to believe there’s some part of him that’s not irredeemable.
I have to believe those legends.
I have to bite a chunk out of their fireplace,
I have to breathe hard to run?
I have to buy a new coat—I wrecked my old wool one last night and it’s too cold to go without.
I have to call Sam.
I have to call Kate.
I have to call Sam’s mom.
I have to call and get you excused from school!
I have to call you right back.
I have to cancel the meeting and we look like idiots.
I have to carry him?
I have to carry my credentials and my piece.

I have to ask… do you ever regret your decision?

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