Am I boring you?

Упражнение - нужно сделать все предложения отрицательными и произнести их вслух.

Am I boring you?
Am I calling at a bad time?
Am I doing that?
Am I dreaming again?
Am I freaking insane?
Am I going to have to do another one of those shibboleth tests?
Am I hurting you?
Am I keeping this briefcase or whatever until the moonrise,
Am I making too much noise?
Am I reaching you at a convenient time?
Am I ruining your perfectly naive concept of the world?
Am I seeing into the thermal part of the spectrum,
Am I telling YOU to live like a pig?
Are you coming back for pie?
Are you coming back?
Are you coming in or not?
Are you coming with me?
Are you coming with us?
Are you talking about Sam?
Are you talking about some form of telepathy?
Are you telling me I need a tuxedo to eat dinner in the woods?
Are you telling me I should drop my investigation?
Are you telling me everything shuts down at night?
Are you telling me these things don'
Are you trying to protect whoever it is?
Are you trying to protect whoever it was by taking the blame yourself?
Are you trying to tell me you don’t-
Are you waiting for someone?
Are you warning me off them,
Are you willing to go to the state attorney?
Are you willing to take the job,
Are you working for Sam?

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