We were standing in the living room.

Упражнение - нужно сделать все предложения отрицательными и произнести их вслух.

We were standing close together.
We were trying to tail Sam.
We learn something new every day.
We were sitting in her little study.
We were standing in the living room.
We were writing an article together.
We found nothing of further interest.
We kept talking about going down there.
We need something on this guy and soon.
We were talking about the office… the workload.
We sat slurping together as the night came down.
We were going out the far edge of a little town.
We were going to check on that couple who phoned in the Martha tip.
We were experimenting with using Obsidian in different environments.
We were going faster than I had ever been in anything without an engine.
We were wondering if you could give us the password to use the computer.
We process everything at the crime scene,
We were going to make this part a garden.
We were going to miss the regular season.
We were sleeping and it came in the dark.
We are paying as much as the other fellow.
We are standing under the Kingston bridge.
We had nothing left to lose but our lives.

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