What is he like?

Артикуляционное упражнение - говорим вслух. Проговорить предложения. Вставить в них отрицание и снова проговорить. Особо обратить внимание на значения предлогов.

What do you do?

I’m a bus-driver.

What are you doing now?

I’m cooking for my family.

What does he do?

He is a teacher.

What is he doing now?

He is waiting.

Where is Sam?

Where is the foundling's father hidden?
Where is the second hearse?

What is he like?

What is he going to say?
What is he trying to do?
What is it doing to you?
What is most startling is her complete unwillingness to take responsibility for her own behavior.

What is she talking about?
What is your operating theory ?

What else can I get you?
What else can we do?
What else can you find up here?

What else could I do?
What else could I have done?
What else could I say?
What else could have happened to them ?
What else could he have done?
What else could it be but coincidence?
What else could it be?
What else could she do,
What else could she say?
What else could there be?
What else could they do?
What else could they mean?

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