You were thinking about a dog
Задание - сделать предложения отрицательными и проговорить.
A man had shoved a chair through it.
A man near him was frying in bed,
A man needs to be told he is being useful.
A woman was feeding chickens,
A woman was playing a harp in the corner .

A man was walking along the pavement towards the roundabout.
A man was walking quickly up the street and as Sam watched him,
A man will be coming with new documents for you.
Sam could see it was something she was dreading.
Sam feel as if the man was looking straight into his soul.
Sam is watching out for me because of this whole… thing.
Sam knew she was remembering the firefight the night her old partner was killed.
Sam knew, had a damn good idea of what was going on.
Sam looked pale, and he was sweating heavily.
Sam was clearly a man of keen intelligence, who knew what he was doing and how best to achieve results.
Sam was holding quite a bit back.
Sam was telling the truth as he understood it.
Sam was wondering .
Sam said you were thinking about a dog.
Sam told him what they were looking for,
Sam was getting ready to call Kate.
Sam was going to get him out of this sewer hole.
Sam was going to kill him.
Sam was handling the patent.
Sam was holding a laptop.
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