You make it clear.
Замените глагол can на may , как изменится смысл предложений (высказывания)?
I can't
eat that.
I can't hear you!
I can't remember.
I can't forget.
How can you help?
How can you know?
How can you tell?
You can hide them.
You can trust him.
You can't do that!
You can't do this.
You make it clear.
You make some tea.
You marry Suellen?
You mean, married?
You might as well.
You misunderstand.
You must be brave.
You mustn’t cry!
You of all people.
You ought to know.
she can’t muffle the sound.
she can’t open them.
she can’t place why.
she can’t reach his ear.
she can’t recall the couple who is marrying.
she can’t see her.
she can’t see his expression, but she doesn’t need to.
she can’t stay here.
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