I’m glad now.

Вслух, сделать предложения вопросительными.

I’m glad I’ve had my hair cut.
I’m glad Sam is going to marry her.
I’m glad it’s Kate.
I’m glad it’s so.
I’m glad now.
I’m glad she’s dead, so she can’t see me.
I’m glad there’s pride in you, Kate.
I’m glad they only had the printed interview to go on.
I’m glad to hear that.
I’m glad to hear you say it.
I’m glad to know you’re with me ,if a lot of other people do disapprove.
I’m glad to learn you are ashamed of the way you treated me.
I’m glad you agree with me.
I’m glad you don’t.
I’m glad you killed him.
I’m glad you told me, Tom.
I’m glad you’ve come.
I’m going to search this room methodically.
I’m going to see her the day after next, and it feels like a date.
I’m going to see that you are safe.
I’m going to marry Kate.
I’m going to pick it out.
I’m going to say!
I’m not sure I should bother taking it down.
I’m not sure if I fully understand how much he’s hurting.
I’m not sure if you do.
I’m not sure really….
I’m not sure that that’s a compliment.
I’m not sure what an I.
I’m not sure why my interest in her has evaporated.
I’m not sure.
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