I’m a bad influence on you.

Вслух, сделать предложения вопросительными.

I’m a French, too!
I’m a fool and might break it.
I’m a bad influence on you and if you have any sense you will send me packing—if you can.
I’m a bit nervous today, my mind’s gone blank.
I’m a born merchant.
I’m a cad.
I’m a captain now and a captain ought to have boots, even if he hasn’t got a new uniform or epaulets.
I’m a child and he’s only got to dangle a new toy.
I’m a countryman born and I don’t like any town.
I’m a damned rascal and no gentleman.
I must take myself off or you’ll have one of these gallant boys in gray call me out?
I’m a dog.
I’m a filthy upstart.
I’m a fool, a selfish fool.
I’m a fool?
I’m a good dad.
I’m a goose about business but I’m so interested!
I’m a great lady, too?
I’m a high-profile case, and if I killed myself it would cause an uproar.
I’m a horrible predatory old bastard.
I’m a hussy.
I’m a nasty old man.
I’m a noncombatant and besides I want the experience.
I’m a rascal, and why not?
I’m a renegade, a turncoat.
I’m a terrible goose and you know it.
I’m a tragic hero.
I’m about starved.
I’m actually afraid to leave you alone with the child.
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