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Наречие probably - вероятно, наверно, возможно.

That was probably a good sign.

Tom is probably just tense.

Which was probably tape. Which?

It was probably better this way.

It was probably her imagination.

Which was probably for the best.

He was probably wrong about that.

There are probably more behind us.

His partner was probably just as bad.

That was probably a mistake, he thought.

All three were probably in their sixties.

But they were probably right about Tom.

In the end, it was probably for the best.

It was probably time to consider therapy.

The Army thing is probably a coincidence.

The square of cloth was probably a towel.

And Peeta's team is probably still asleep.

Cole was probably up at Payne's right now.

The chirping was probably some ocean bird.

There are probably a dozen Rams out there.

There was probably a river, or a railhead.

Actually, it was probably a bit after that.

I think it was probably a just-in-case move.

It was probably an easy thing to get to him.

She was probably annoyed on Alfred’s behalf.

His age is probably between thirty and fifty.

She was probably right about that, I thought.

And you are probably right about the servants.

He was probably just hot from the stuffy room.

Her old grey mutt was probably faster than me.

His adrenal glands are probably stressed, too.

She was probably checking the clip of her gun.

The guys in there now are probably even worse.

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