Лупа настольная с подсветкой Rexant 31-0242   Подарочный набор «Яйцо пасхальное. Фиалка»   Сборная модель самолета Revell Avro Lancaster Mk. I/II 

Запоминаем: so far - до сих пор.

But so far without success.

Но но до сих пор без успеха.

All very well, so far as it went.

Все очень хорошо, до сих пор это шло.

You are so far above me in every way.

Вы до сих пор выше меня в каждым навыке.

But whoever was chosen, the day could not be so far off now.

Но кого бы ни избрали, день не мог быть пока завершен.

I am so far from myself I do not hear Tom come into the room.

Я пока до сих пор сам, я не слышу, что Том входит в комнату.

Perhaps they weren’t so far wrong.Возможно они не были до сих пор неправы.

Запоминаем: owing to - «благодаря», «в силу», «ввиду», «из-за».

But owing to some defect of nature in me, the higher thought did not cast out the lower.

One leg has got shorter than the other, over the years, owing to an uneven rate of shrinkage, but they are clean.

Our Alexei fell down, collapsed, disintegrated in full gaze of the congregation; owing to the ineptitude of the decrepit priest, or so I suppose.

This was for the dignity of my office, it was not owing to fear; I was aware that I might have enemies whose names and faces I did not know, but I was strong and quick and I had been trained to arms before coming into the palace service.