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Отработайте учебный текст, вслух ответьте на вопросы.

Did I do it?

Did he mind?

Did he turn?

Did I really?

Did we do it?

Did I do that?

Did I say not?

Did I stutter?

Did he get in?

Did he say so?

Did he see us?

Did it matter?

Did they sing?

Did I enjoy it?

Did I hurt you?

Did I kill her?

Did he survive?

Did it go okay?

Did it wake up?

Did I scare you?

Did I shock you?

Did I volunteer?

Did he call you?

Did he hurt you?

Did he say that?

Did he take her?

Did they see me?

Did he abuse you?

Did he use a gun?

Did she admit it?

Did they see you?

Did they use gas?

Did I mess myself?

Did he ever serve?

Did she look sick?

Did they hold her?

Did they hurt you?

Did I make that up?

Did I recognize it?

Did he do it wrong?

Did he have dinner?

Did it even matter?

Did it fall on you?

Did she sound smug?

Did they even work?

Did they trust you?

Did I say something?

Did he borrow money?

Did he get anything?

Did he recognize me?

Did he say his name?

Did he shoot at you?

Did he threaten him?

Did she seem normal?

Did I lose you again?

Did he give any clue?

Did he know about it?

Did it hit your head?

Did she ever love me?

Did she sound insane?

Did they believe you?

Did they care at all?

Did he have an answer?

Did he hear something?

Did he look important?

Did he mean the house?

Did she abuse alcohol?

Did she call a recess?

Did they ask about me?

Did they get you, too?

Did I leave her to die?

Did he have bad breath?

Did he really say that?

Did she always do that?

Did she want to refuse?

Did they hide at night?

Did he identify himself?

Did it come on suddenly?

Did she change her mind?

Did he hear in monotones?

Did he mention any names?

Did he say anything more?

Did he tell you his name?

Did she get many letters?

Did they know each other?

Did they order champagne?

Did they really say that?

Did they sense my intent?

Did I goof up on anything?

Did I interrupt something?

Did I recognise the woman?

Did I recognize the smell?

Did I teach you profanity?

Did he ever tell you that?

Did it hit your shoulders?

Did it ward off predators?

Did she catch up with her?

Did she look disappointed?

Did she tell you how much?

Did they give you a print?

Did I ask you to like them?

Did I suddenly pop outside?

Did he arrive here on foot?

Did he blow a lot of smoke?

Did he seem quite as usual?

Did it help the depression?

Did she say she was coming?

Did she seem afraid of him?

Did they actually tell you?

Did I hear the clock strike?

Did he ever get back to you?

Did it likewise shift about?

Did she own an old Mercedes?

Did they have oilcloth then?

Did we just run out of luck?

Did he complain of headaches?

Did she mean her?

Did they know you were there?

Did they really all die here?

Did we open or did they open?

Did he say where he was going?

Did she bring it out to India?

Did she follow the same cause?

Did they know anything at all?

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