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At school.

This is our classroom. It is light, clean and large. The room is nice. Its ceiling and walls are white, its floor is brown. There is one door and three windows in it. When it is warm, they are open. When it is cold, they are shut. The door is always shut when we have our lessons.

There is a blackboard on the wall. We write on it. On the blackboard there are some words. They are English words. We read them: "We want to know English."

We sit on chairs in front of desks. The desks are nice and green.

The teacher's desk in near the blackboard. There are not many pupils in our class. There are only seventeen in it. Today fifteen pupils are present, two are absent.

We learn many subjects at school. They are: Russian, English, history, literature, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography and physical training (or PT).