Ready for PET: A Complete Course for the Preliminary English Test

"Ready for PET" is a motivating short course for students preparing for the Cambridge Preliminary English Test. It has a clear and thorough approach to all the tasks found in the exam which ensures that students have the confidence and skills needed to be successful in the various parts of the test. Ideal for students of all ages, "Ready for PET" consolidates students' knowledge of language relevant to the exam and their ability to use it communicatively. It can be used alongside a general language course or on its own for intensive exam preparation. Key features of the coursebook: 10 topic-based units. Systematic introduction and practice of vocabulary. Help sections giving advice on all the skills required for the PET exam. Two complete practice tests. Sample speaking test. The with key edition provides a full answer key, tаpescripts and sample answers for the writing tasks.

Дополнительные учебные пособия -> Английский язык
Автор: Nick Kenny, Anne Kelly
Языки: Английский
Издательство: Macmillan Education
ISBN: 1-405-01406-7
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