English Grammar in Use: Supplementary Exercises with Answers

An updated and revised edition to accompany "English Grammar in Use Fourth Edition" and "English Grammar in Use Online". The book contains 200 varied exercises providing students with extra practice of the grammar studied. Suitable for class work or for self-study, the exercises offer excellent revision, consolidation and extension opportunities. "English Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises": provides contrastive practice of the grammar areas covered in "English Grammar in Use Fourth Edition" and "English Grammar in Use Online"; has a wide variety of exercise types, including many based on different kinds of texts, for added interest; has a fresh new design and updated illustrations.

Дополнительные учебные пособия -> Английский язык
Автор: Louise Hashemi, Raymond Murphy
Языки: Английский
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 978-1-107-61641-7
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