Английский язык в астрономическом кружке

Береги природу

I noticed a very bright star .

I was looking at it through my telescope.

I believe that you had to see the planet Jupiter .

I hope that was helpful.

Neptune was discovered because of its gravitational effects on Saturn and Uranus.

The Moon moves around Earth. Earth moves around the Sun.

Earth is constantly moving. Earth is our base from which we look into space

Understanding this movement is one of the most useful and important things in astronomy.

When the Moon appears perfectly round in the sky, it is known as a “full moon".

I opened the last jar of tomatoes hree weeks ago.

How many planets are there in the Solar System?

Do you think a giant planet has giant gravity?


 Определенный артикль THE не ставится:

перед названиями планет, созвездий:
Venus, Aquarius

перед названиями континентов:
Africa, Australia, South America

артикль THE ставится:

перед названиями географических точек на земном шаре:
the equator, the South Pole

перед сторонами света:
the North, the South, the East, the West.

Выучи названия планет.

Составь предложения.


Mercury Меркурий
Uranus Уран
Jupiter Юпитер
Venus Венера
Neptune Нептун
Earth Земля
Mars Марс
Saturn Сатурн
Pluto Плутон