Английский язык в астрономическом кружке

 Sun rise The night sky tonight and on any clear night offers many different objects .

Ночное небо сегодня вечером и в любые ясные ночи предлагает много различных объектов.

You can see special events like meteor showers.

Вы можете увидеть специфические события подобные метеорным потокам.

The stars appear to move, but it is actually just our location on the Earth that is moving (west to east).

You can get a general idea of what direction to look into if you watch the sun rise and set.

You get a general east and west by watching the sun rise and set (remember, this is just general for the sun does not rise and set exactly east and west all the time).

If you cant do this, you can get an idea about where the directions are by using the north star.

It is easy to do stargazing.

Polaris is the north star that you are looking for to mark your north.

The moon is not always east and west and neither is the zodiac constellations.

The answer to the question "What is on the other side of the moon" is very simple.

So this is just a start.


(to) observe I observe many bright objects in yhe night sky.
(to) be observing I am observing The North Star or Pole Star (Polaris star)
(to) have observed I have observed The North Star.
(to) have been observing I have been observing The North Star during two hours.
Passive voice  
(to) be observed A bright star was observed in the night sky tonight
(to) have been observed The bright star have been observed me before you came