Английский язык в астрономическом кружке

The Moon has no atmosphere

The moon reflects light from the sun.

 We always see the same side of the moon.

We also know that the time it takes for the Moon to go once around the Earth is approximately 27.32 days.

At what speed does the moon move around the earth?

The moon makes one complete orbital revolution of the earth in 27.32 days.

Earth rotates.

Earth's spherical surface onto the sky, called the celestial sphere.

The Earth's year is 365 days divided into months; whereas.

The moon made a full orbit around us.

The atmosphere consists of a mix of various gases,

Отрицательные местоимения

- nо - никакой; nothing - ничто; nоnе - никто; nobody - никто; neither - ни один.

- one complete orbital revolution of the earth - один полный оборот вокруг Земли;

-the average distance from the Earth - среднее расстояние от Земли;

-orbital period (once around the earth) - один оборот вокруг земли;